It is said that no country is as poor as to have only one god. For gods, can be created very cheap. Going by this, India is a very rich country. Rich with all it’s gods and all of it’s religions.
A very good morning to one and all. Today I present before you some views on a subject that runs in the very heart of this subcontinent. A subject that is both controversial and has the potential to cause irreparable damage if not handled properly. The one key that can make all the nation sit up and listen and take action. Though millions in this country go to sleep empty stomach but they can never afford to sleep on this issue. I talk of – Religion and India.
Religion is something that’s regarded true by the people, false by the wise and useful by the rulers. Since times immemorial, this world has been a witness to what religion can make out of men and how it can be used to motivate politics and uproot civilizations. But India has always been a quiet, peace loving country, although religiously awake – all this before the english came. The english brought with them the seeds of communal disharmony and used religion as a blade to cut the veins of trust, brotherhood and unity . Blinded by our religious faith, we allowed them to put us into a deep slumber. Two fifty years down the line we are still not ready to get up.
Even in these times of technology and globalization, india is a country where religious sentiments are on a rise – even at the stake of nation’s progress. I agree that the present generation has a different approach to religion but it will take ages to do a complete turnover of the mindset but by that time many godhra and babri masjid incidents would have happened. Shall we let this land of knowledge and sages burn till that day?
This country has an opposition that is purely religiously motivated – the BJP. This fact is not hidden from anyone today that Vishwa Hindu Parishad, a close ally of BJP, were responsible for the gujarat mishap. What good is a religion that’s bent on destroying national heritage and monuments that are 400 years old – I’m talking of babri masjid and the role played by Bajrang Dal in the same. These are only a few recent instances where religion has shown it’s ugly face. There are numerous other examples too – the partition in 1947, the golden temple issue, ’93 blasts in mumbai, the J&K issue…….the list in never ending.
Religions were made to teach the way to reach god. But considering how they have been used, today religion itself challenges the existence of god. I guess religion exists so that men can commit sin and still live without guilt.
The world has been continuously plagued by terrorism which is nothing but a religious issue. And as long as we have scars of religious ambitions entrenched in our hearts – no country is safe and no boy or girl innocent.
How can we expect our nation to be a superpower someday when communities here are suppressed on religious grounds. Dr Kalam has aptly said that when a country ceases to think, small minds overpower it. There is only one hope that can address this issue – good education. And it remains our unfulfilled duty towards india to educate the masses about the metaphysics of religion.
In the words of Dalai Lama – “This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple, the philosophy is kindness.”
Till then, it remains adversity in diversity here.


Not a friendly message to read aloud at an ATM when there is a long queue of “money-minded” people waiting outside to insert their friendly ATM cards. But it was happening. There I was, standing in a not so roomy room with broken down air conditioning and shouting aloud the message, but silently. You see, I didn’t want to disturb the tranquility of the not so roomy room. When I had inserted the card for about six times or so, the crowd outside began to show its presence by knocking on the glass pane of the door. When they had knocked for about six times or so and when I thought I had been inside for long enough, I relented to their appeals and chose to step out. Stepped out, met strange looks and grim faces. I thought they were going to eat me with their eyes or sumthin’. But just then I realized that it was a democracy and it was not allowed for a person to eat another person just like that. And for a crime that was too small to be even registered. So I heaved a sigh of relief and quietly joined the queue, of course, at the end. In this manner, I visited the not so roomy room ( with broken air conditioning ) three times and inserted my card ( bending it like this and bending it like that ) six times or so, in each of my turn, six times or so they knocked the door and I would again go back at the end of the queue. It was a Monday and I don’t know what made the people believe that it was the best day for taking out the money, as if the ATM’s around the world would go out of order the very next day. I wondered what made them so “money-minded”. I came very close to success when during one of my three trials I managed to get a mini statement of the balance but just as I tried to get the money, it displayed the “message of the day” again. It was getting late, I was hungry, had to buy a book, was exhausted ( injury loves melody , they say ) and was in no mood to go for a fourth trial. So I remembered a phrase and did the needful – “When the going gets tough , I stop going”.


Programming – This word has always spelt pleasure for some of us in the classroom. In our 11th and 12th standard science batch it was neither physics nor chemistry or maths that spread the name. It was computer science alone. Precisely, it was pure c++ programming. Mr. Matthew was a great teacher and his junior subordinates had developed a strong foundation for programming and logics in us at a much younger age. If the world was to be driven by computing machines, we knew that we had a livelihood out of it. When I first saw the machine, I was in the third grade. It was almost love at first sight. Those beautiful keys, the most systematically engineered architecture. The monochromatic screen. Suddenly the world was so beautiful. I never really thought that we would see the same cartoon character of the Turtle of the LOGO language as we’d seen in the books. The very first time, as I remember, I laid my hands on that amazing product of science, magic happened – things responded as I touched something on the keyboard. It was an overwhelming experience. I was surely taken aback by all the technological advancements that had taken place while I was not present in this world. But at the same time, I was eclipsed by a sadistic thought, there was so much to learn and there was so much that I didn’t understand. Somehow, the word Ph.d. kept coming to my mind. The machine had to be a Ph.d. thingy. A lot of Ph.d.’s must have contributed to it. Did I want to do Ph.d.?? What the heck !! there was a long way to go. And I was only in the third standard. It was useless to think about Ph.d. at that point of time. But hey, gradually and convincingly, thus began a journey towards literal enlightenment. Programming was the way to go. Thirteen years down the line, I still think that way. Programming for me has evolved or shall I say I’ve grown to know that it’s no child stuff. But yes, it’s was great stuff to gift a child. And it remains so. Thirteen years down the line, the atmosphere of programming in my school has grown from ecstasy to thrills. It’s a great feeling when you apply your brain for the solution of a computing problem. It’s a great feeling to program. Program the compiler, program the code, program this world towards knowledge. I’ll let you know something, programming is cyclic in nature. To program, you should know the fundamentals of some programming language but to really understand the fundamentals of any programming language, you must program. There you are, on neither side of the sure. But there’s just one thing thats been bestowed upon you right from your birth, that one thing could be your saving carcass of wood in these troubled waters of the programming world. That one thing is nothing but logic. You were born with it and thats what you can hone no end. Hone your logics. Hone your programming skills. Happy reasoning.