The Time and The Table

I’ve made time tables. A lot of ’em. And I’ve made plans. Quite a lot. Let me not surprise you now – they all failed… miserably. Which is why I began asking myself The Fundamental Question of Reason – why do we plan?
And let me play the oracle now. We do not make time tables to wrap up stuff or to schedule our days or to cover up our sinful backlog. We do it so that we could fool our brains into believing that all is ‘OK’ and the power of time management can, in fact, turn things around. And that in the end things will fall in their proper places. But that’s alright too. It’s human nature to be hopeful.
No, it’s not that time tables and plans just cannot work. They can. And they sometimes do. But it’s just that they require ‘not-so-common’ qualities like sincerity, diligence and discipline.

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