Programming – This word has always spelt pleasure for some of us in the classroom. In our 11th and 12th standard science batch it was neither physics nor chemistry or maths that spread the name. It was computer science alone. Precisely, it was pure c++ programming. Mr. Matthew was a great teacher and his junior subordinates had developed a strong foundation for programming and logics in us at a much younger age. If the world was to be driven by computing machines, we knew that we had a livelihood out of it. When I first saw the machine, I was in the third grade. It was almost love at first sight. Those beautiful keys, the most systematically engineered architecture. The monochromatic screen. Suddenly the world was so beautiful. I never really thought that we would see the same cartoon character of the Turtle of the LOGO language as we’d seen in the books. The very first time, as I remember, I laid my hands on that amazing product of science, magic happened – things responded as I touched something on the keyboard. It was an overwhelming experience. I was surely taken aback by all the technological advancements that had taken place while I was not present in this world. But at the same time, I was eclipsed by a sadistic thought, there was so much to learn and there was so much that I didn’t understand. Somehow, the word Ph.d. kept coming to my mind. The machine had to be a Ph.d. thingy. A lot of Ph.d.’s must have contributed to it. Did I want to do Ph.d.?? What the heck !! there was a long way to go. And I was only in the third standard. It was useless to think about Ph.d. at that point of time. But hey, gradually and convincingly, thus began a journey towards literal enlightenment. Programming was the way to go. Thirteen years down the line, I still think that way. Programming for me has evolved or shall I say I’ve grown to know that it’s no child stuff. But yes, it’s was great stuff to gift a child. And it remains so. Thirteen years down the line, the atmosphere of programming in my school has grown from ecstasy to thrills. It’s a great feeling when you apply your brain for the solution of a computing problem. It’s a great feeling to program. Program the compiler, program the code, program this world towards knowledge. I’ll let you know something, programming is cyclic in nature. To program, you should know the fundamentals of some programming language but to really understand the fundamentals of any programming language, you must program. There you are, on neither side of the sure. But there’s just one thing thats been bestowed upon you right from your birth, that one thing could be your saving carcass of wood in these troubled waters of the programming world. That one thing is nothing but logic. You were born with it and thats what you can hone no end. Hone your logics. Hone your programming skills. Happy reasoning.

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