Not a friendly message to read aloud at an ATM when there is a long queue of “money-minded” people waiting outside to insert their friendly ATM cards. But it was happening. There I was, standing in a not so roomy room with broken down air conditioning and shouting aloud the message, but silently. You see, I didn’t want to disturb the tranquility of the not so roomy room. When I had inserted the card for about six times or so, the crowd outside began to show its presence by knocking on the glass pane of the door. When they had knocked for about six times or so and when I thought I had been inside for long enough, I relented to their appeals and chose to step out. Stepped out, met strange looks and grim faces. I thought they were going to eat me with their eyes or sumthin’. But just then I realized that it was a democracy and it was not allowed for a person to eat another person just like that. And for a crime that was too small to be even registered. So I heaved a sigh of relief and quietly joined the queue, of course, at the end. In this manner, I visited the not so roomy room ( with broken air conditioning ) three times and inserted my card ( bending it like this and bending it like that ) six times or so, in each of my turn, six times or so they knocked the door and I would again go back at the end of the queue. It was a Monday and I don’t know what made the people believe that it was the best day for taking out the money, as if the ATM’s around the world would go out of order the very next day. I wondered what made them so “money-minded”. I came very close to success when during one of my three trials I managed to get a mini statement of the balance but just as I tried to get the money, it displayed the “message of the day” again. It was getting late, I was hungry, had to buy a book, was exhausted ( injury loves melody , they say ) and was in no mood to go for a fourth trial. So I remembered a phrase and did the needful – “When the going gets tough , I stop going”.

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